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Updated January 29, 2003 with
Chapter 15 of Blood Ties 11: Evolution.

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Silver Sutures 2002

Awarded to Dawn 2002 by
Mulder in Jeopardy!

Favorite Author
Best Short Story (Broken)
Best Physical MT (Blood Ties: Strange Bedfellows)
Best Humor (Blood Ties: Entropy and A Simple Little Wedding)
Best Series (Blood Ties)
Best XFile (Blood Ties: Shredded Hearts)
Best Collaboration (Smoked and Dark Reflection with Sally Bahnsen)

Inspiration Award
Awarded to Dawn Sept 2001 by
Under Another Sky

Fic Scouted

Dawn has been Fic Scouted

MTA Award
1999 Purple Heart Award:
Best Author(Newcomer Category)


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