Between the Lines
Summary: He couldn't undo the mistakes he'd
made, but maybe he could stop Daniel from
duplicating them.
Rating:PG  Size:27k  Date: September, 2004
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Blood Tide
Summary: What makes Daniel so special?
Rating:PG  Size:104k  Date: April 18, 2004
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Summary: Daniel's in a coma after a mission gone wrong. Can his teammates help him find his way back?
Rating:PG13  Size:57k  Date: March 3, 2005
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Summary: As Daniel struggles to cope with his
ordeal, Jack and Janet begin to suspect something
more is troubling him.
Size: 49k
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Summary: Janet says Daniel is ready for duty.
Jack sees things differently.
Size: 14k  
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Summary: Sequel to Regression. Daniel takes another
crucial step toward healing past hurts.
Rating: PG  Size:22k  Date: February 4, 2004
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Summary: Salvage- somehing saved from destruction
and put to further use.

Rating PG-13  Size: 82k  Date: October 18, 2003
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The Widowing Field
Summary: Sha're is dead, and Daniel has lost
his way. A mission gone wrong forces him to deal
with who and what he has become.
Rating PG  Size: 98k  Date:November 30, 2003
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