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Updated May 26, 2004 with The Substance of Things Hoped For.

Summary:Bereft - lacking something needed, wanted, or expected. A glimpse into part of Mulder's difficult night.

Summary:Some wounds never completely heal. Written in response to a Scullyfic 155-word challenge.

Broken --17K--PG
Summary: Fill in the blank for Folie a Deux. What happened at the hospital after Scully rescued Mulder, and how did it influence her response to Skinner's questions?
1999 Purple Heart Award: Best Short Story(Current)

Countdown (1/2)--100K--PG-13
Countdown (2/2)--96K

Summary: When an unknown assailant injects Mulder with a deadly toxin, he has 72 hours to find a cure.

Damaged Goods(1/3)--131K--R
Damaged Goods(2/3)--136K
Damaged Goods(3/3)--125K
Summary: Mulder returns to work after the events of Amor Fati. His attempt to profile a brutal serial killer, however, reveals that he has not fully recovered. Unfortunately no one, including his doctor, seems to know why.

Dark Reflection(1/2)--119K--PG
Dark Reflection(2/2)-with Sally Bahnsen--119K--PG
Summary:The names and places have changed but the story is the same--or is it? Mulder and Scully travel to West Virginia to investigate a disturbingly familiar case.
Written for I Made This Productions Virtual Season 8

Feathers, Bones and Shells--3K--PG-13

Summary: She will not allow this loss to remain shrouded in mystery. She will not become Teena Mulder.

Summary:Her life is fragmented, cobbled together in a desperate attemtp to make a whole.

Full Circle(1/2)--58K--PG-13
Full Circle(2/2)--65K

Summary: What if there was more to one of those bogus fertilizer checks for Kersh? A routine assignment turns deadly for Mulder, and resurrects painful memories from his childhood.

Hang a Shining Star--19K--PG-13

Summary: "You know, Mulder, it's all right to be happy. Remember what you said to me in Bellefleur? We've both paid our dues."

Harbor --- 9K - PG-13
Summary "You were my safe place, Scully. My one reason to hang on, when all I wanted to do was let go."
This story received the Inspiration Award from Under Another Sky

Heartís Desire--17K--PG-13
Summary: Mulder tells Scully about the smoking manís "deal", including the meeting with his sister.

Justice Interrupted--205K--PG-13 with Sally Bahnsen
Summary: How far will one man go to see justice served? The cliffhanger ending for IMTP's Virtual Season 9 and the premiere for Virtual Season 10.

Last Kiss--100k--PG-13 with Sally Bahnsen
Summary: When your worst nightmare comes true, could it be time to just let go? Written for IMTP's Virtual Season 10.

One on One--14K
Summary:Scully learns the origins of Mulder's love of basketball.

Summary: Portent -- Prophetic or threatening significance. Prequel to Justice,Interrupted.

Precious Things--12K
Summary:Skinner's thoughts on the airplane to Bellefleur.

Pushing Back--18K
Summary: Fill in the blank for Pusher. What was going through Scully's mind when faced with irrefutable proof of "The Whammy?"

Summary:Respite - a period of temporary delay; an interval of rest and relief. Scully's thoughts at Mulder's bedside. A fill in the blank for Amor Fati.

Summary: Fill in the blank for Folie a Deux. Mulder has lost the desire to continue. Can Scully restore it?

Smoked-with Sally Bahnsen-119K-PG-13
Summary: Filling in the Brand X blanks through Mulder and Scullyís eyes.

Stranger Than Fiction--17K--PG
Summary:You know the old expression, "Truth is stranger than fiction." It could be my job description.

The Substance of Things Hoped For--12K--PG
Summary:"Even an agnostic like me can believe in second chances, Scully. To atone for our mistakes. To get it right."

Trivia Pursuits--23K--PG
Summary: A stake-out, two bored agents, and a little Mulder ingenuity.

Summary: Is ignorance really bliss? Written in response to a Scullyfic 155-word challenge.

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